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TOY Types & Sizes

What will you get? 😮
The Rareverse is full of mystical and colorful collectible figures! ✨
The first Raregotchi generation brings three Founder TOYS: School Kid, Snow Cone, and Alien Baby. There are 3000 NFT TOYS available, 1000 units of each type.
The Founder TOYS come in three sizes. The size determines the number of OG PETS the TOY can mint:
  • Regular: 3 PETS
  • Large: 4 PETS
  • Huge: 6 PETS
Each TOY size has a distinctive body color and will pass it to the PETS they mint.
Quick Note: All TOYS will have the same chances of minting a high rarity PET.
Quick Note: Bigger size = More PETS.
Opening a TOY will let you mint your OG PETS and create a Raregotchi Lineage by giving your newborn PETS a custom Family Name.