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Raregotchi Houses

Home, super sweet Home!
Houses are a special type of Raregotchi asset. They are the space where the first Raregotchi game will take place, allowing users to interact with their PETS, explore the different elements of the House, and perform specific actions to farm tokens.
TOY owners will have access to a free mint of a Raregotchi House. Houses come in various types and rarity tiers based on the three ancestral races: School Kid, Alien Baby, and Snow Cone.
Each type of house will bring different benefits for its holders. The basic token-farming actions of the house won’t require the use of PETS. However, owning a PET will allow players to unlock the full potential of their Raregotchi House.
Quick Note: Each user will be able to claim one House per TOY owned. There will be 3000 free claimable houses by TOY holders.
Houses will also be acquirable through a Pre-sale and a Public Sale. The starting price and supply of the Houses will be revealed closer to the release date, and it will be progressively adjusted by a bonding curve.