How to Mint PETS

Minting your PETS is super simple ✅
To mint your PETS, you’ll need to open a Sealed TOY. You can get a TOY from the OG TOY SALE or buy one in Raregotchi’s secondary market at OpenSea & LooksRare.
When the PET minting mechanics are implemented, you’ll be able to connect your wallet to our website, browse your TOY Collection and click the “Open Me” button to open your TOY.
After confirming the transaction on the blockchain, you will receive 3, 4, or 6 OG PETS, depending on the size of your TOY.
You will receive an Opened TOY, and you will be able to claim a Package as an individual NFT collectible in the near future.
The PET minting event will start shortly after the OG TOY Sale ends, and all TOYS get unveiled.
Quick Note: You can't mint PETS from an Opened TOY. If you want to mint your own PETS, make sure you get a TOY that is still in its digital package.
Remember to check out the article explaining the OG TOY Sale and its different stages when we upload it to our Medium.