Buying a TOY

How to get your first Raregotchi TOY
You'll be able to acquire a TOY in the upcoming Raregotchi OG TOY Sale, starting on June 30th. Each TOY costs 0.25 ETH. NFT minting is entirely random, so you can't choose what TOY you get.
There are two minting passes. Each one will allow users to mint a different amount of NFT TOYS.
We've tailored the TOYS distribution with our early supporters and collectors in mind and also to give those who recently discovered Raregotchi the chance to be a part of the ecosystem we’re building.
We will soon post a Medium article explaining all you need to know about the TOY Sale, the minting passes, and the Rareraffle. Stay tuned!
Quick Note: TOY holders will be able to claim the NFT digital package in the near future.
The type, color, and size of TOY you get is completely random. Good luck!