Chapter 2

A strange planet called Raregotchi.
After many centuries of steep growth and expansion, the ancestral races started to deplete the natural resources of their home planets. Hunger came first, then the big wars, and later, massive deaths decimated their populations.
Only a few thousand PETS survived the debacle, and they came to a harsh realization: there was no choice but to leave their homeworlds and explore the Rareverse in search of a new place to call home.
This is how School Kids, the Snow Cones, and the Alien Babies used their last efforts and resources to build their mother ships, the TOYS, and embarked upon a long journey, never to look back again.
The three ancestral races traveled through the Cosmos aboard the TOYS for decades until they got to a huge and exuberant world orbiting a dwarf yellow star at the center of the Rareverse. They named that beautiful and strange planet Raregotchi.
Green, blue, yellow, and red everywhere. The world was covered with colorful landscapes and was teeming with wildlife: fungi, animals, plants, and a very rare type of fruit called Rarepeaches.
Oh, what a magical taste it had! 🍑