Raregotchi Smart Contracts

The technology behind Raregotchi
At Raregotchi, we aim to ensure maximum fairness and transparency. That's why we encourage our community to take their time and review how the technology behind Raregotchi works and how we guarantee a fair distribution of the tokens.
Listed below, you can find Raregotchi's main Smart Contracts. However, you shall consider this as a living, dynamic list.
We will upload more contracts as we advance throughout the Minting Event, and we'll continue to update this page as we progress in our Roadmap and more developments come to the project.

Smart Contracts

Raregotchi TOYS ERC-721 contract.
This contract handles the minting, the token ID randomization logic, and communicates with the TOYS contract for minting.
This contract generates the Metadata URL for the TOYS based on the token status: veiled, sealed, or opened.
Raregotchi PETS ERC-721 contract.
This contract handles the token ID randomization logic and communicates with the PETS contract for minting.


The Metadata for Sealed and Opened TOYS was updated on July 6th at 1:30 pm EST to correct a visual error on the Alien Baby TOYS. We decided to keep both URLs available to ensure full transaparency.