Owning a TOY

Holding a TOY has its perks!
Your Raregotchi quest has just begun! 🌌
Owning a TOY allows you to access many awesome benefits across the Rareverse 👇

🟢 Opening a TOY

  • Control production of pets: mint 3, 4, or 6 OG PETS (One-time action)
  • Create a PET Lineage (One-time action)

🟣 Owning a Sealed or Opened TOY

  • Claim a vinyl version of your TOY and get it shipped to your home (One-time action)
  • Claim a Raregotchi House for free (One-time action)
  • Claim a special role in Raregotchi Discord (One-time action)
  • Voting power on the RareDAO
  • Early access to future drops and free claims
  • Own highly collectible pieces of the Rareverse
  • Create a PET Clan and invite other players to join
  • Access to sneak peeks before anyone else

🔵 Owning an Opened TOY

  • In-game bonus and benefits
We will be revealing many more benefits as we progress on the roadmap and the Rareverse keeps expanding.