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Sealed Toys VS. Opened Toys

Sealed TOYs and Opened TOYS are two different NFTs. ☝️

Sealed TOY

Owning a Sealed Digital TOY lets you mint your OG PETS and create your Raregotchi Lineage. Either if you own a Sealed or Opened TOY, you can also claim a physical vinyl version of your TOY and get your hands on a scarce collectible piece of the Rareverse.
Your grandkids will surely love the story of how you got it! 👾
Quick Note: You can claim a physical version of your NFT TOY. However, you can only do this once per TOY.

Opened TOY

Opened Digital TOYS are TOYS that have already minted their OG PETS. If you get an Opened Digital TOY from another collector, you won’t be able to mint new PETS.
Holding an Opened or Sealed TOY in your wallet allows you to access multiple benefits in the Rareverse, like claiming a Raregotchi House, having early access to future drops, and getting involved in many exclusive experiences as we progress on the Roadmap.
Quick Note: Owning a digital TOY (Sealed or Opened) allows you to access all the claimable benefits. However, you’ll need an Opened TOY to enjoy most of the bonuses and perks in the Raregotchi games.
Packages will be also claimable as individual NFTs!

Veiled TOYS

During the OG minting, you will receive a temporarily Veiled TOY.
This will allow collectors to reveal their TOYS simultaneously, despite the minting phases happening on different dates.
This decision aims to prevent the manipulation of the NFT prices or any unfair advantage among the various minting passes.
The equal chances of minting a high rarity asset are guaranteed by our Smart Contracts, which also ensures an entirely random distribution of TOYs across the collector base.
We will post detailed information regarding the provable fairness of the NFTs in our Medium closer to the minting event.
The unveiling of the TOYS will take place soon after the OG TOY Sale is completed.
Quick Note: Everyone will find out what TOY they got simultaneously. No preferences!