Introducing our in-game token!
Let's talk about Rarepeaches! 🍑
Rarepeaches are Raregotchi's in-game tokens. Users will earn these tokens by playing our different P4F Games.
Owners of a Raregotchi House, you will be able to farm Rarepeaches by performing different active and passive actions and completing a series of tasks.
Although we are still polishing many details about the token, we safely say that:
  • Rarepeaches will have a limited supply to prevent inflation
  • Users will be able to earn Rarepeaches by playing Raregotchi's P4F Games
  • Users can sell and trade Rarepeaches on the Raregotchi Marketplace (See the Roadmap)
  • TOYS & PETS will give players an extra boost in their earnings
  • Users will use Rarepeaches to breed new PETS, buy resources, and upgrade their House and other in-game assets.
Quick Note: We will launch the Rarepeaches and reveal the token supply, allocation, and vesting schedule in Q4 2022.