Breeding New PETS

Expanding your Lineage

Breeding allows you to create and discover new combinations of Raregotchi PETS. It requires mating two different PETS, and each PET can only do it a limited number of times.

When mating an OG PET, the newborn PET wonโ€™t be able to inherit the Ultra-Rare body parts. It will receive Rare tier counterparts instead (after applying breeding probabilities).

When breeding two PETS from the same Lineage, the newborn PET will inherit that Family name. If the parent's PETS are from different Lineages, the newborn PET will have a 50% chance of getting one or the other name.

Breeding costs in-game tokens and other in-game resources. You can earn them by playing the different Rareverse games, or you can buy or trade other usersโ€™ surplus tokens.

Players will be able to use in-game resources to increase the chances of controlling the results of breeding.

Quick Note: There are 10.000.000+ possible PETS combinations to choose from!

Breeding Mechanics

  • Different PET Types: when mating two PETS from different types (for example, a Snow Cone PET and an Alien Baby PET), the bred PET will have a 50% chance of inheriting one or the other type from its ancestors.

  • Ultra-Rare or Epic PETS: when mating Ultra-Rare or Epic OG PETS, the bred PET will receive Rare tier counterparts from the same theme.

  • Shiny and Legendary PETS: Shiny and Legendary PETS will have special breeding mechanics.

Quick Note: This is just a general overview of how Breeding mechanics will work. We are working on more options and features.

Quick Note: Breeding is expected to be implemented in Q2 2023. For more information, check the Roadmap.

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