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Chapter 1

Life always finds a way.
For that mysterious thing of nature, planets started forming in the Rareverse. They grew, changed, and evolved.
Most of these planets couldn’t ever sustain life. But others would. Life always finds a way, they say. Eons passed, and tiny cells became complex organisms. The tireless engine of evolution had started, and there was no way to turn it off.
Despite hostile conditions, plants, fungi, insects, and animals made their way through. And also intelligent life. In distant parts of the Rareverse, far away from each other, the three ancestral races started to develop and thrive. School Kids, Snow Cones, and Alien Babies. Each of them had their own story, their own culture, traditions, and way of looking at the Cosmos.
School Kids formed on a planet called Playground. They were a race of adventurers, always looking for new challenges. For them, the Rareverse was a new and unexplored frontier.
Snow Cones formed on a planet called Candy. They were a race of restless and curious beings, always seeking new flavors to discover.
Alien Babies formed on a planet called Infinity. They were a race of wise and ancient creatures, always in search of new knowledge.
The ages passed, and the three civilizations expanded and conquered their own planets and star systems. They developed new tools and technologies, and their populations grew and thrived ever more rapidly. Although they didn't know it yet, one day, their paths would cross. One day, their destinies would be intertwined.