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Security Tips

Keep your assets always safe!
Security at Web3 is changing all the time, so this advice could be deprecated. These aspects of cybersecurity are not infallible.
If you have any suggestions for us to improve our security, please let us know in the suggestions!
If there are any questions about safety, we are always here to help!

General tips


  • Never share your private key or seed phrase with anybody, no matter the reason.
  • Never connect your wallet to websites out of the official ones. Always read the details before you sign any transaction in your wallet.
  • Only trust official information published on announcements and cross-reference it with our official Twitter page, which you can check on our official Social Media.
  • Do not click unknown links. Phishing is one of the most common methods of fraud in the crypto space.

Discord | Report Scams and fake impersonations

  • Always turn off your Direct Messages (DM) when joining a new server. Keep in mind that the team will NEVER DM you. Never click links outside of the official links available on the discord channel or this paper.
  • Please, report any suspicious activity to our mods on Discord. Our team puts all its energy and time into creating a maximum security server. However, we cannot adopt responsibility for external scams. Nonetheless, we want to go to great lengths in order to help you stay safe!
  • If you have any doubts or security concerns, please tag our @admins in Discord. If a screenshot is needed, be sure to conceal any private information and share the screenshot in the appropriate channel.