Entering the higher rarity tiers of Raregotchi PETS, we have Epic PETS, which are a very special type of collectible.
Epic PETS have distinctively unique appearances. There are three classes of Epic PETS: YIN, YANG, and NEUTRAL.


Epic YIN PETS are misfits. They embody the night that comes with the end of the day. Many believe that during the daytime, it is impossible to find them.
Although some think of them as the evilest creatures among the Raregotchi family, all agree they are kinda cute.


Epic YANG PETS are goody two shoes. They embody the sun raising, giving a start to a new day. They love nature and are the purest and friendliest of all. Well, at least until they get bored. Then, they are nowhere to be found.


Epic Neutral PETS belong to the neutral side. They may feel it is ok to surprise someone with a colorful confetti explosion. However, after the party is over, they will stay to clean the room. They are as powerful as they are unpredictable.
Every Epic class has between four and eight PETS. Every Epic PET has a particular expression or characteristic that differentiates it from others of the same type.
That means each Epic PET has a feature that makes it unique, and there's no other with the exact same looks.
Quick Note: Epic PETS are only obtainable by chance when opening a Sealed TOY.
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