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The Rarity Tree

Wow! This looks Rare-gotchi!
OG PETS have five rarity levels:
  • Rare
  • Ultra-Rare
  • Epic
  • Shiny
  • Legendary.
Rare and Ultra Rare PETS are composed of special Body Parts sets, while the Epic, Shiny, and Legendary tiers feature a unique appearance based on a particular theme, making them exclusive collectible assets.
Quick Note: Rare and Ultra-Rare PETS can be Full-Set, Shuffle-Set, or MIX.

Full-Set & Shuffle-Set

Full-Set & Shuffle-Set Every single Body Part belongs to a particular themed Set. There are Ninja, Viking, Surfer, SteamPunk, Cookie, Medusa parts, and the list goes on.
A PET featuring all four Body Parts (Head, Item, Eyes, Mouth) from the same themed Set is considered a Full-Set PET.
On the contrary, a PET featuring a combination of parts from the same rarity tier but a different theme is considered a Shuffle-Set PET.
Check out the chart below for more details about the Full-Set and Shuffle-Set and their different possible combinations.


MIX PETS feature a combination of Ultra-Rare and Rare Body Parts. The more Ultra-Rare Body Parts a MIX PET has, the rarer it is. ☝️

The Rarity Tiers