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Raregotchi is an NFT project inspired by the classic 90s virtual pets. Featuring NFT collectible figures, breedable pets, and multiple game modes all mixed to create an amazingly fun, zany, and cartoonish world!
In Raregotchi, not only can you enjoy collecting various TOYS and PETS, you can also engage in an ever-expanding universe of games and experiences —all unlocked by the power of your NFTs!
Enjoy PVE & PVP competitions, collecting (and flexing!) rare assets, participating in governance and decision-making through the RareDAO, earning rewards, and of course, the fun Raregotchi activities organized within our welcoming community.


Raregotchi is a unique type of project featuring NFTs that stand out in a class of their own, being both true collectible and genuine game assets. Raregotchi starts with a limited supply of collectibles, each with unique artistic value and entirely handcrafted.
Raregotchi will give the community the power to determine how large the collection of NFT assets will ever grow through two mechanisms. First, by democratizing the minting of PETS through the opening (or not!) of TOYS. And second, by ‘lending’ the community the power to create (or not!) new PETS via Breeding.
At the same time, our decentralized asset creation process ensures that the original collection of Raregotchi PETS (OG PETS) holds its collectible value forever, as these assets won't ever be reproducible through breeding.
We believe this is an essential part of our project, as it allows early Raregotchi collectors to be rewarded with unique NFTs that no other collector will be able to own.
Over time these collectible pieces will acquire new utility value as they become an essential part of the Raregotchi games ecosystem. Collectors will turn into players, and players will decide how to make use of their assets in a growing number of competitive games and engaging activities.
Welcome to the Rareverse!

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